Service | Vehicle Transportation

Extensive support for vehicle transportation support from BtoB delivery to personal imports

We are able to reliably transport all manner of vehicles from passenger cars to specialist vehicles. Responding to each customer’s requests, whether companies or individuals, we propose transport solutions that take into account the type of vehicle you wish to be transported, your budget, and your desired delivery date.

Solutions for Vehicle Transportation

From pick up to delivery All the services you need in one place

Knot Global Holdings is able to offer completely integrated services right from picking up your vehicle from the specified garage to arranging transport clearance, packaging, placing it in the container, transporting it by sea or air, marine insurance, import clearance at its place of destination, temporary storage, quarantine, unpacking, and delivery to your specified garage.

For customers who are emigrating overseas or plan to study abroad, we can arrange to transport used cars, as well as cargo when moving overseas. We have extensive experience in handling requests from members of the civil service and public institutions. Individuals can also rely on our services.

Services for Export Companies
Transport solutions that meet BtoB needs

As an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Ocean Carrier), we can provide competitive freight costs and transit times. Further, with the issuing of our House BL, we cooperate closely with over 150 overseas agencies. That means we can share information in a timely manner and respond quickly in an emergency. When you contact our office, one of our sales representatives will visit your company to listen to your requests and needs. We will then create a transport solution plan that is exactly tailored to your needs.

Small-scale Transportation Service
Fast transport of even 1 vehicle possible with CFS

If you choose to transport cargo using CFS (Container Freight Station), it is possible to transport even 1 single vehicle. CFS takes advantage of fixed container ship times and high frequency sea crossings, meaning export can be carried out at comparatively reasonable maritime freight costs. With this option, there is no need to wait and see if shipping space will become available as is the case with Ro/Ro shipping. Please contact one of our sales representatives to check which destinations are available for CFS transportation.

Types of Vehicles

Used Vehicles

We provide a great variety of intermodal transportation, using options such as automobile carriers, container ships, conventional railway lines, and ferries, to transport everything from a single light car to shipping cargo on an unscheduled chartered vessel.

We can provide a wide range of transportation solutions, whether it is transporting small-lot used vehicles through Freight Collect and our company-arranged CFS; integrated transportation that combines carrier’s liability due to issuance of our House BL with intermodal transport; transportation to landlocked countries in Central Asia, Africa, and South America; or cargo shipping for an individual moving overseas.

Specialist Vehicles

We are able to transport a wide range of vehicles, including damaged cars, immobile vehicles, exhibition items, oversized vehicles, heavy machinery, and construction machinery. Our integrated process allows us to transport your valued vehicles from their place of origin right up to delivery at their destination.

Private Import Services

Broad support for importing vehicles from all over the world As private import partners

Individuals can import used vehicles; however, clearance procedures set by the Ministry of Finance (customs) and the requirements of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (motor vehicle inspection) are complex. Despite being able to purchase a reasonably priced good car in the United States or Europe, customs and registration issues can mean no matter how much time passes, you are still unable to drive it.

Knot Global Holdings are vehicle transport professionals and we can offer import support for individuals through our established network of overseas agencies.