Extensive support for vehicle transportation support from BtoB delivery to personal imports

We are able to reliably transport all manner of vehicles from passenger cars to specialist vehicles. Responding to each customer’s requests, whether companies or individuals, we propose transport solutions that take into account the type of vehicle you wish to be transported, your budget, and your desired delivery date.

Vehicle Shipping Service

We have an integrated process in place that ensures from the moment we receive your vehicle to delivering it at its destination it is in safe hands.

Private Import Services

Our company provides support for individual customers who wish to import cars and can also take care of the complex procedures involved.


Our shipping and trade experts provide comprehensive solutions in response to your requests

We handle a wide variety of cargo for transportation, from a single screw to large machinery, chemicals, and dangerous goods. We can arrange combined transportation using sea, air, and land, as well as provide accompanying services. Please contact us for all your trade and transportation needs.

Cargo Shipping Service

We offer highly individualized shipping services that best meet each customer’s needs.

Types of Cargo

Making full use of our expertise, we transport a large range of items from general to special cargo.


We provide many services through utilization of our international network

In addition to transportation, we also offer a variety of services aimed at improving company competitiveness and realizing rich individual lifestyles.

We hope that you will take advantage of Knot Global Holdings’s services, which are optimized by our expertise and international network.



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